Monday, March 22, 2010

Enter the "Beautiful People!"

Lately I have had some very beautiful young girls who have started to come to see our band. They are so sweet and fun and really add a badly missing energy to a bar that has grown stale over the years. We absolutely love having them there not only because they are having fun, but also because the young guys come in to watch them having fun. Actually…the old guys are even sticking around to watch them “having fun” too…which, come to think of it, is a little gross. Watching 40, 50 and 60-year-old men drooling over 21-year-old girls dance is a little bit obscene. They actually line up around the dance floor to watch them. Um…can you say child molester? Oh well…the girls seem to have a handle on it. They get the old guys to buy them drinks all night and even pull them onto the dance floor as each one soaks up the negative attention as he puffs himself and his self-image up to believe that these young girls think he’s “still got it!”…Oh well…in reality, the girls all end up going home to their boyfriends at the end of the evening.

The night continued as I watched some of the regulars disappear from the dance floor and slip out of the bar. Had we gone too far in our attempt to add some youth to this desperate scene? Before these beautiful girls walked in, the older crowd at least had a chance at feeling like someone would notice them….Nope…not with these girls there. A 40or 50-year-old woman wouldn’t have a shot with anyone other than with one of the young boys who was looking for a one night stand with a cougar…and actually those boys existed there now too. But all in all, it was a great night with all sorts of entertainment for the singer who didn’t really feel like mustering up a trashy act to entice the old guys into buying more drinks. I was sort of lost on the guy who would try to pick me up for a night. I had a reputation that had been long established as cute and funny but not necessarily someone a guy would want to say something stupid to without going home without “his balls tied up over his head.”…not my phrase…one coined by a long-time bartender who would try to protect unsuspecting strangers to the scene from thinking that the bouncy girl on the stage would give him the attention he so badly lacked from his long-term relationship or broken narcissistic personality struggles. These beautiful, fresh girls picked up where I left off so I could do the real job at hand- singing, dancing, and having a great time!

I enjoy having these girls around. They have added a whole new dimension to the fun. The old timers may need to find somewhere else to go, but these girls are just what the doctor ordered to give a fresh perspective to a badly lacking night scene. I’d love to keep the secure ladies who love to come out and dance to a fun band around. They are also very special to me! A mixture of ages and good people make an evening fun. It’s the slippery ones who were only looking for someone to make them feel good for a moment as they perpetuate the stereotype of the older, lonely woman who will allow men to hook up and disappear instead of committing to someone and making it stick, that I can do without! I like the new scene as long as these young girls stay in control of the situation! If only young girls knew all that we have learned through our wisdom of an extra 10 years of getting screwed over. Too bad we all need to learn for ourselves huh?…Oh well…for now, it seems like they have a handle on it! Thank you so much ladies for bringing the evening to life! Just let me know if any guy gets out of line! I’d be happy to pull out a little of my cunning quippery to make his head spin long enough for you to get away!