Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Amazon World...

I have to say that I have definitely fallen prey to the “amazon” way….hee hee…fun rhyme huh?…I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!…Oh geez…I’m on a roll today. Anyway…I really like to be able to quickly go online and order the annoying little things that most people are forced to drive around and pick up for themselves. Ie: toilet paper, makeup, shampoo…sneakers…As a matter of fact, if it can’t be shipped to me so it’s on my porch when I get home the next day, I really don’t need it.

This lack of love for running errands has recently presented a problem with my Dentist. I got a bill in the mail so I called them to pay it the second I got it out of my mailbox. I have a “flex” medical visa that holds funds for all uncovered medical expenses. Most everyone does it this way now. Apparently even the best health insurance coverage generally thinks that $50 for the dentist to walk into the room is more than it wants to pay for him. So even with a “Cadillac” plan, I still owed about $100. Don’t worry though…I’m certain that once the government health insurance plan kicks in and I have to pay for everyone else’s insurance, I won’t get my teeth cleaned at all. This will really open up the doctor’s schedule for the people who haven’t had a cleaning in 25 years. I wonder what “fair and equitable” on a full mouth restorative procedure will be when the government controls it?…Thank God there are no “pre-existing condition” laws anymore! I’m quite certain that “having a mouth” is one…Oh well…I’ll get my teeth cleaned while I still can.

The point of the story is that my dental office wouldn’t take my card number over the phone. They said that it costs them more to do it that way and wanted me to drive the card there. They asked if I could do it that day…um…nah…It would cost me more to drive the 3 hours from where I called from than the $1.50 it would’ve cost them. I suppose I will just hand them the card at my next cleaning in 6 months. The only trouble is that I have to wonder if they will still be open by then if they won’t accept payment? I hope so. I do like them at that office.

Oh well…in a world full of conveniences, we are still saddled with inconveniences due to the costs of “new, easier” ways. Maybe eventually we could just do a retinal scan or an oral x-ray that will link to all of our accounts so we don’t have to open our wallets. I just hope our teeth won’t be able to be hacked. I suppose they will have to develop some sort of firewall for them! Sounds like the healthcare field is inventing new jobs for us already! Ah! The world is good!