Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dressing like someone cares!

So…I had this strange thing happen yesterday. I was getting ready for my day…you know....packing up some lunch, making the bed, blow drying my hair…etc…The earlier I wake up, the more fun stuff I find to do around the house. I noticed a cobweb on my bathroom ceiling so I stood on the toilet and reached across to the area in the corner above the sink. As I was stretched across the window area, I noticed the neighbor watching me through his window. Darn!... Of course I was completely naked and totally forgot that the upper part of the window isn’t fogged over. Let this be a lesson to me! I really have to be more careful! Did you ever notice (or maybe it’s just me), that when you live alone, you tend to get dressed all out of order? I put on my clothes just before I leave the house. When I was a kid, I seem to remember my parents being dressed before either of them ever left the bathroom in the morning. I get a little worried once in a while, that I’m going to forget and take the garbage out or something. That would be embarrassing! Remember that episode of Seinfeld about the girl who was always naked? Well…there’s good naked and there’s bad naked…I’m assuming that standing on your toilet, stretched across the room with your arm to the ceiling has got to be a “bad naked”!

What did I learn from this?...well…most likely…the wrong thing! I’m going to put a note on my door for when I’m taking the garbage out that says “STOP! CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU’RE WEARING CLOTHES!” That should help!...other than that, I learned that if I was applying the tips in “The Secret”, I’m doing it all wrong! That book even said that I should clear out half my closet and leave room for my “perfect partner!”...and come to think of it, judging from my taste in men, my "perfect partner" is probably already in the closet! ...and when I meet him, shouldn’t we buy a house that has enough closet space for both of us? Clearly, if he moved in here, we’d have to get one of those “pod- storage” things in order to keep his things outside! Darn it!... Oh well…baby steps! I suppose we can start by getting dressed before we dust the ceiling next time!